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Learn How to Use a Firearm Safely

Peace of Mind Wherever You Go

Feel Comfortable in the Way that You Protect Your Family

Our course is under the direction of a former teacher/instructor of education with experience in high schools and college teaching.   The course, following the strict guidelines of the NRA, will be informative with true objectives and goals of learning.  We welcome all types of students, experienced or not.  We have successfully taught professionals, teachers, housewives, husbands/wives, seniors, etc.  We highly respect your privacy.
Learning begins with proper instruction:
  There are many reasons that individuals choose to have and to carry guns.  Self protection, hunting and the challenge of competition shooting seem to be the most popular.  Whatever your reason for wanting to own a gun, please make sure that safe gun handling is your priority and through this course we will stress this importance. 
     Concealed Carry of Ohio is a dedicated group of instructors that believe the key to a successful and positive training experience is total participant involvement. People learn by doing! We offer safe learning tools to help each student become familiar with handling a gun. For example, in our course the student will learn proper procedures on how to load and unload a gun using "dummy bullets", this helps to create a comfortable learning situation. Our instructors are responsible for effectively reviewing safety rules and procedures, while also coaching and assisting students as they handle pistols for the first time in a classroom and range setting. Ultimately, students will become more comfortable and familiar with pistols in order to achieve certification.  
Americans enjoy a right that citizens of many other countries do not—the right to own firearms.  But with this right come responsibilities.  It is the gun owner’s responsibility to store, operate and maintain his or her firearms safely and to ensure that unauthorized or untrained individuals cannot gain access to his or her firearms.  And it is the gun owner’s responsibility to learn and obey all applicable laws that pertain to the purchase, possession and use of a firearm in his or her locale. Guns are neither safe nor unsafe by themselves. 

Welcome to our course to review these principles and learn how to properly own and handle a pistol.